Issue 1 Citations

5:39p.m. 8 August 2016

Some links we didn't have space for in the printed issue, apologies for any we may have missed.


Jacobin Mag :
Communal Luxury :
English translation of the Manifesto of the Paris Federation of Artists :


A Thousand Flowers :
DnG 24 :
RMT Scotland :
Richard Youngs DJ Set :
Unison :
Domestic Exile :
WestGap :
Glasgow Anarchist Collective :
Dundee Against Austerity :
Clyside IWW :
Claire Biddles :
United Glasgow FC :
Unity Language Exchange :
Glasgow Autonomous Space :
We Will Rise :

Transnational Protest

Close Campsfield Poetry PDF:

The Prevent Strategy

SACC (Scotland Against Criminalising Communities) :
Prevent Watch :
A 2009 report by Arun Kundnani for the Institute of Race Relations:
A 2013 report by the charity CAGE:
Arun Kundnani, looking at Prevent in the context of ‘counter-terrorism ’:
Centre for Research on Migration (2015) Everyday Borders Film :
The UCU (University and College Union) Prevent guidance :
The NUT (National Union of Teachers) Prevent motion :
NUS’ (National Union of Students) ‘Students not Suspects’ campaign :
The University of Edinburgh ‘Students not Suspects’ group recently occupied the university library:
‘Together Against Prevent’ pledge:

Fit 4 Purpose

Cursorware :

Into the Eyes of the Beast

Beradi, Franco ‘Bifo’. 2015. Heroes: Mass Murder and Suicide. London: Verso
Denning,Tom. 2011. “making a killing: suicide under capitalism”. In The Commune, June 2011. Accessible via : [Accessed 13.06.16]
Grant, Drew. 2015. ‘Green Room’ Creator Jeremy Saulnier on Skinheads, Ultra-Violence and Patrick Stewart [Online] Observer News. Available at: [Accessed 10.06.16]
Green Room. 2016. Directed by Jeremy Saulnier [Film]. USA: A24
Jameson, Frederic. 1994. The Seeds of Time New York: Columbia University Press
Victoria. 2015. Directed by Sebastian Schipper [Film]. Germany: Senator Film.

Music Columns

Dylan tracks: and here:


Communal Leisure is a space for discussion and sharing of music, art and politics, based in Glasgow. We aim to unpack ideas of work, labour, ‘DIY’ culture, and leisure. Our online poster wall primarily features events that are non-profit, free or cheap, politically aware and implicitly or actively working against forms of oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, bodies and class. We have an open collective of people working on both our print and online forms, and are always up for new people getting involved. Everyone is free to add their own event.

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