Issue 4 Callout!

5:22p.m. 8 August 2018

Issue 4 Callout!

Rebuild / Dismantle

Get involved in the next issue of Communal Leisure!

For issue 4 we have decided to have a theme, ‘Rebuild /
Dismantle’: when should we reassemble and when should we
start from scratch? What moments of radical history do we
want to reappraise or rediscover? What contemporary
institutions should we focus on tearing down? How do new
ideas emerge from these cycles of critique and

Send ideas for articles, columns and artworks to the below
addresses, or get in touch for more information.

Format and Image guidelines
 All writing requires a title and authors name
(subheadings are also fine)
 Full text style guide available on request
 please avoid URL's and hyperlinks - this is a print
 Keep footnotes to a minimum. Articles that cite only
cis white men not accepted.

Photos and images
 All photos and images will be black and white when
 Where ever possible - Images should be a minimum
200mm wide and no less than 300dpi
 Please include your name in the file name.
Deadline : September 18th 2018
➢ Contact :



Communal Leisure is a space for discussion and sharing of music, art and politics, based in Glasgow. We aim to unpack ideas of work, labour, ‘DIY’ culture, and leisure. Our online poster wall primarily features events that are non-profit, free or cheap, politically aware and implicitly or actively working against forms of oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, bodies and class. We have an open collective of people working on both our print and online forms, and are always up for new people getting involved. Everyone is free to add their own event.

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