Word Buffet!

12:05p.m. 8 August 2018

Word Buffet!

An open series of multi-sensory supper clubs for reading, watching, discussing and eating, part-assembled by Communal Leisure, hosted in the Rattle Library.

Mondays 6pm. At GAS: Unit 11, 53 Kilbirnie Street, Glasgow G5 8JD.

Featuring: art, work, pop-cultural Marxism, BBQ anarchism, potluck feminism, and other far less coherent soups. All food vegan and by donation, all welcome. No expectations to do all the readings, but good to try and do at least one per week!

Full Schedule

1. Sept 10th: Berger & Burgers
Eating: Burgers
‘Ways of Something’ (2014), compiled by Lorna Mills - Episode 1 (30 minutes)
• John Berger (1972) – Ways of Seeing - Read // Watch
Walter Benjamin (1936) - The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.
Ben Davies (2014) - Ways of Seeing Instagram

2. Sept 17th Revolutionary Black Arts
Inspired by Henry (Hank) Williams’ Hunter College Black Arts Syllabus: https://blackartscourse.wordpress.com/about/

Password to readings via that site will be provided to attendees (Hank has given us his blessings to use the materials)
Eating: Potluck bring and share
Ken Burns’ Jazz. Episode 10: “A Masterpiece by Midnight” (1 hr 44 mins)
• Emory Douglas (1968) “Position Paper on Revolutionary Art”
• Grace Lee Boggs. (1970) “The Black Revolution in America”. From The Black Woman anthology. Toni Cade Bambara, editor. Washington Sq. Press, 2005
• Freedom Rhythm and Sound: Revolutionary Jazz & the Civil Rights Movement 1963-82 Liner Notes (2009)
• Cecil Taylor. “Garden”. From Moment’s Notice: Jazz in Poetry & Prose

3. Sept 24th: New Times
Eating: Jacket Potatoes
The Stuart Hall Project (99 minutes)

• Stuart Hall. ‘The Meaning of New Times’ Stuart Hall: Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies Chapter 11, page 222:
• A. Sivanandan: All That Melts into Air is Solid
• Angela McRobbie. ‘Looking Back at New Times and its critics’. Stuart Hall: Critical Dialogues in Cultural Studies Chapter 12, page 238:
Asian Dub Foundation, The Colour Line:

4. Oct 1st: Brimfuls of Asha
Eating: Mac & Cheese
90s Megamix, special guest curator with 90s youtube presentation!

Joe Kennedy: Authentocrats: Culture, Politics and The New Seriousness
Rhian E. Jones: Music, politics and identity: from Cool Britannia to Grime4Corbyn
• Hillegonda Rietveld, ‘Repetitive beats: free parties and the politics of contemporary DiY dance Culture in Britain’

PDFS will be available for latter two articles

5. Oct 8th: Corn on the Corbyn
Acid > Corbyinism?
Eating: Corn on the cob / humus + breads
The Chemical Generation – Acid House Documentary
• Jeremy Gilbert – Acid Corbynism 1 / 2
• Mark Fisher precursors: 1 // 2
Xenogothic: Acid Communism

6. Oct 15th: Friendship + ‘Champagne Papi’
Eating: Potluck + Fizz
Atlanta Season 2: Episode 7, Champagne Papi
Anon, Robot Seals as Counter-Insurgency
Friendship as a Root of Freedom
Jackie Wang, The Fragility of Friendship
• Simone Weil – ‘Love’ in Gravity and Grace: 62-69

Click link bellow for PDF of schedule, and email communalleisure@gmail.com with any questions

Word Buffet Schedule


Communal Leisure is a space for discussion and sharing of music, art and politics, based in Glasgow. We aim to unpack ideas of work, labour, ‘DIY’ culture, and leisure. Our online poster wall primarily features events that are non-profit, free or cheap, politically aware and implicitly or actively working against forms of oppression based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, bodies and class. We have an open collective of people working on both our print and online forms, and are always up for new people getting involved. Everyone is free to add their own event.

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